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 --::The Final Struggles for Light to Emerge::--

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PostSubject: --::The Final Struggles for Light to Emerge::--   Sun 30 Jul - 14:47

Not long after the Toa Nuva gained their powers, six elite Bohrok, known as the Bohrok-Kal were released by the Makuta. Their mission: steal all six elemental powers from the Toa Nuva in the six stones symbolizing each element, merge them together, shaping an element cube, awaken the Bahrag and continue the cleansing process! After they prevent the Bohrok-Kal from completing their mission by retrieving their elemental powers and removing the krana-kal from their faceplates, the Toa enjoy their victory and rejoice over a brand new Kohli stadium dedicated to them. This is where two new matoran are introduced. Jaller, the Captain of the Guard of Ta-Koro, and Takua the Chronicler, who records legendary events around the island. While wandering around a lava break, Takua discovered a peculiar warning totem. Suddenly, a tremor shot through the crevasse, sending the totem straight into the river of lava. What emerged was an item only seen in scriptures and told in prophecies, the Great Kanohi Mask of Light! Legends foretold the coming of a seventh Toa, who would bring light to the shadows, and free Mata Nui from Makuta's evil grasp. Legends ALSO foretell the arrival of six creatures, six sons of the Makuta, the Rahkshi! Their goal: to find the Mask of Light for themselves and prevent the coming of the Toa of Light at ANY costs! After the following Kohli match{which Jaller and Takua participated in}, the Mask of Light was discovered by the Turaga. They had the notion that Jaller was it's herald{"delivery boy", if you will}, since the mask shone all it's light upon him when last seen. Even though Takua knew it was truly HIM who had to deliver the mask to the sacred Toa, he did not bring it up, for he was SURE Jaller was more SUITABLE for the job. While the two matoran searched for the mask's owner, the Toa Nuva had their OWN problems! For, in a last, desperate attempt, Makuta had awakend those who were never meant to see the light of day, the Rahkshi{the Makuta sons}! So, the Toa battled against the Rahkshi frivolously, lost many, won few, and even lost the village of Ta-Koro to the sons of darkness. Meanwhile, the two matoran continued searching for their warrior of light. They ventured through villages such as Le-Koro, Ko-Koro, Po-Koro, etc.. Until, just outside of Onu-Wahi, came a tunnel they had to pass through in order to reach the next village. Soon after, Jaller and Takua got seperated, and that was the perfect moment for Makuta to strike his bargain. He used the shadows in order to get inside his head. He stated that Takua will fail everyone unless he hands the mask over to him, that they will all die, including him, if he does not accept. Before Takua has time to answer, he stumbles upon Jaller. In order for his life to be spared, Takua thought it best for them to go their seperate ways. A while later, Takua reached Onu-Koro, only to find out that the Rahkshi had already beat him there! To his suprise, the Toa Nuva showed up, completely assembled, and were able to fend off the Rahkshi just long enough for the matoran to reach a safe haven. After that experience, Takua gathers up enough courage to realize that unity can stand up against ANY evil! Thus, he finds Jaller{admits that he is the herald, and that he is the Rahkshi's TRUE target!}and they team up again. They continue their journey until they reach Kini-Nui, the Great Temple. That is were they meet the Rahkshi, again. Followed by the Toa Nuva. The Toa are able to take out the first five, but the last one{Turrahk}was coming for the two defenseless matoran! In a brave feat, Jaller takes all the beatings from the evil creature, and, in turn, dies soon after. Takua then realizes where the Toa of Light has been all this time, where he was searching, and why. Takua placed the mask over his face. What came about was an astounding sight. Takua was now, Takanuva: Toa of Light! The following day, Takanuva constructed his vehicle, the Ussanui. This was the only way he could ever get through Makuta's dark, dangerous tunnels. Once his destination was reached, he entered Makuta's lair. Makuta emerged from the shadows soon after. He challenged the Toa to a simple game of Kohli. If he won, then he would have the permission to open the gate in order to awaken the Great Spirit, and if he lost, Makuta would take back his mask, and all hope for the future would be lost! Believe it or not, in the end Takanuve had one, and, of course, Makuta DIDN'T keep his end of the bargain, he claimed that he was protecting Mata Nui by letting him sleep, for awake, he would surely SUFFER! Takanuva found out that the only way he could stop Makuta, is by stopping the shadows altogether! He leapt up, and starting yanking on Makuta's mask in attempts to pull it off! He had just about done it, when they both{masks off}fell into the pool of protodermis which protruded from the center of the room. What emerged was something that could only be described as: Takutanuva{LIGHT AND SHADOW HAVE BECOME ONE!!}. Apparently, Makuat had learned the error of his ways, and they both made peace with each other in their new form. They had the strength to lift the amazingly heavy gate in order for everyone to get through. Before he collapsed, Takutanuva took out Jaller's mask, placed it under his hand, and brought life to it{this gives the idea that THIS is the Great Ignika Mask of Life ITSELF!!}. Jaller then joined the other matoran within the gate, following Takutanuva's demise! The gate supposedly crushed him, but that's not the WHOLE story now, IS it?! The gate merelyn popped one another{Takanuva/Makuta}on either side of the gate, each mask! Thus each mask manifested itself back into it's owner, Takanuva and Makuta. Thus, light was returned to the island, Mata Nui was awake once again, and peace was restored. Not to mention Vakama's island home was refound. New legends awake, but old lessons MUST be remembered. This is the way of the Bionicle.
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--::The Final Struggles for Light to Emerge::--
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