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 --::BIOlogical CHROnicle::--

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PostSubject: --::BIOlogical CHROnicle::--   Sun 30 Jul - 13:36

The legend has begun. Six mighty heroes known as Toa arrive on an island in peril under an unimaginable evil. The island is known as Mata Nui, named for the Great Spirit who brought them, the ones called the matoran, to this wondrous place. Since they were seperate and without purpose, Mata Nui granted them three virtues, Unity, Duty and Destiny. Mata Nui's evil brother, Makuta, was jealous of these gifts, and in turn, put a spell on Mata Nui which placed him into a seemingly endless sleep! The Toa must find the 6 golden Kanohi masks in order to overcome the Rahi threat, which are creatures of the island, altered and possessed by the infected masks of the Makuta.
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--::BIOlogical CHROnicle::--
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