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 --::Wake One, You Wake Them All::--

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PostSubject: --::Wake One, You Wake Them All::--   Sun 30 Jul - 13:17

The Toa rejoice after retrieving the golden masks and defeating the Rahi threat which plauged the island for so long, but, it was not yet over. For Makuta was not licked, yet! Before the Toa knew it, Makuta had awakened half mechanical, half biological creatures which infest and lay waste onto anything they can find, they are known as the Bohrok. These Bohrok are just mere vehicles for the true evil that lies within, the krana, organic, mask-type creatures who each has an individual job. Many thousands of years ago, the krana inhabited the island and kept it free of all organic life, how they dissapeared is a mystery, but deep beneath the center of Mata Nui, they slept, waiting to cleanse the island of it's biological waste once again, and now they are back, awakened by the dark one, himself. The Toa know have to defeat Bohrok by removing their headplates and collect the krana which protrude forth. What none of the Toa expected, was that once this battle was won, something would either be lost, or gained in a dramatic{not to mention permanent}way!After the Toa defeated the Bohrok and venture deep into their nest, they are confronted by Cahdok and Gahdok, Bahrag{The Bohrok Queens}. They are able to defeat them by combining their elemental powers into one super charged blast! After defeating the Bahrag, the Toa{to their suprise}fall through six individual holes planted in the stone floor, they fall through long tubes and are exposed to a strange substance known as protodermis{a liquid substance used as an energy source on the island by the matoran, the island's villagers, otherwise known as Tohunga}. They emerge not as mere Toa, but as Toa Nuva{with upgraded weapons, masks, armour and elemental abilities}. Their new changes can either save or destroy the island for all time!
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--::Wake One, You Wake Them All::--
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