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 --::Moderator Requests::--

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PostSubject: --::Moderator Requests::--   Wed 5 Jul - 18:24

Mod Requests


This thread is designed to tell you everything you need to know about the position of forum moderator on TX-Tekk 4ums and offer you the chance to apply. Moderator Requests is the thread which takes all moderator applications on the site and it's this which you'll be keeping in touch with during the application process. Please take the time to read through this thread thoroughly before applying, to clue yourself up on how the process works, as well as deciding whether the position sounds like it would appeal to you. Most of the site's best moderators were first promoted through the application system, which has begun as of today and is the only way to gain promotion to Moderator on the forums.

Why be a Moderator?

It's a question you should ask yourself right now, before applying, but you may not have your answer until you've tried the position for a while. In short, forum moderation is not for everyone. As a moderator, you'll be expected to do your share of work on the site in keeping the forums running smoothly, maintaining an average community and generating discussion. You shouldn't apply if you're just after a cool moderator title under your member name to become the envy of all your friends. Those guys usually quit after a week or get thrown out later on in the year when they become inactive and the community complains. As a moderator, people will look up to you for help and support in the forum. You will be the first port of call for many people who require help on the forums and as such, you will be a representative of the TX-Tekk 4um Administration and in a small way, carry a tiny piece of the site's overall reputation with you.

What makes a good Moderator?

Describing the qualities that make up a good TXT 4um Moderator is a difficult task to accomplish. One of TXT 4UMS' better points is that we have a team of very individual, very different people. Other sites seem to hire the same boring moderators who all carry out their tasks the same way, sound like each other and bring no variety or je ne sais quoi to the table. What we can do is shed light on some of what Moderator Requests looks for in an applicant. We will certainly by no means publish detailed methodology for our reviews or step by step guidelines that lead to employment on the site, but we will do our bit to help. Check out four massive qualities we look for in every applicant.

Community Building – You’ve heard us use this term a lot lately, it’s one of the biggest disqualifiers when we review an application. Basically, in our eyes, a good Moderator is one that tries to build and expand an existing community through discussion and involvement, both on a personal and team basis. They will never cross the thin line between forum enhancement and flooding.

Compassion and Tolerance – We search for an individual who will meet and greet new members when they visit the site for the first time, be they members who’ve been here years or Guests who’ve just wandered in off a Google page. TXT 4UMS can only grow through continued visits and registrations by people who find the site using search engines and by word of mouth. It’s important that the first person they meet, namely a forum moderator, is kind and helpful and does not deliver a bad impression.

Impartiality – We look for someone who will distance themselves from troublemaking cliques or general groups of badly behaved people. Why do we do this? Because sooner or later, as a Moderator, you’re going to have to punish one of your friends and if you’re in a large group of people infamous for causing trouble and you act like they do, it’s pretty clear to us that you’re going to make the wrong decisions in that situation. We’re by no means trying to filter or police your friendships. We’re just stating as fact that the people you hang around with on the 4ums and the way you act when you post alongside those people can affect your applications to be a Moderator.

We hope that this will guide you in submitting your applications in the future. Please note that we use a wide range of criteria when reviewing. This list is not concrete, nor is it anywhere near complete. Every individual application is unique to the person that submitted it and thus, every applicant’s situation is unique.

Send me{DTX: Owner of the site}a pm that contains the title Application: USERNAME HERE, and simply supply a link to the forum in which you want to moderate.

If I see any of these characteristics and responsibilities unheeded, you will be deprived of your duties immediately!
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--::Moderator Requests::--
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